Altitude Elementary School

Aurora, Colorado

Altitude Elementary School

Location: Aurora, Colorado

Size: 69,922 sf

Project Delivery Method: Competitive Bid

Cherry Creek School District’s Altitude Elementary School is located in eastern Aurora, Colorado.  This new high performance designed school serves the rapidly growing community in this part of the District.  It is designed to serve the educational needs of 650 students.

High performance design for this school applies to both the educational and energy performance.  The building’s form and plan organization are based on the highly successful elementary school prototype design developed and continuously updated for the District by LKA but transformed for new approaches to education.

Students learn in an environment where digital technology is strongly integrated into the process.  It is a primary learning tool rather than a subject matter.  The physical barriers between learning activities have been reduced or removed to create interactive, collaborative settings.  Outdoor learning opportunities are provided and encouraged.

Sustainable Design Features:

  • Follows LEED (Leadership in Energy & environmental Design) guidelines.
  • Annual Energy Cost Savings of $20,669 with a simple payback period of 8.5 years on investment.
  • Landscape design utilities native Xeric turf grasses and plant materials and substantially reduces water consumption.
  • Domestic water consumption is reduced.
  • Energy consumption is reduced by the use of high efficiency boilers, energy efficient motors and digital temperature control system.
  • No ozone depleting DFC’s or HCFC’s are used in mechanical equipment.
  • Additional ventilation is provided for improved indoor air quality.
  • Low emitting and urea formaldehyde free materials are used for improved indoor air quality.
  • Extensive use of daylighting with “state of the art” electronic light controls – saving energy and enhancing the teaching and learning environment.  Anticipated outcomes include increased productivity, improved test scores and decreased absenteeism.
  • Regionally sourced materials, recycled content in the specified materials and construction waste recycling to reduce embodied energy.

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