Fountain Sanitation District Service Center

Fountain, Colorado

Fountain Sanitation District Service Center

Location: Fountain, Colorado

Size: 13,800 sf

Project Delivery Method: CMGC

The Fountain Sanitation District was formed in 1955 to serve the rural agricultural area called the Town of Fountain, Colorado. Over the years the District has constructed a number of facilities to support what is now the City of Fountain.

In 2020, a new Operations and Maintenance Center opened to accommodate the expanding needs of the community. The new facility is located in south Fountain at the intersection of Link and Old Pueblo Road. The building presents a positive image of the district with a large, low maintenance lawn from the intersection. Public access and parking is to the northeast of the building. Service vehicle parking and material storage is located south, with access from Jordan road.

The building is broken into three functional areas; administrative, field engineering and high bay enclosed vehicle storage. The plan “bends” at the entry lobby for the office areas take advantage of the views to Pikes Peak and the front range.  A large public meeting space is located adjacent the entry lobby. Field engineering, high bay vehicle storage, and support spaces are located in the south wing.

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