Douglas County High School

Castle Rock, Colorado

Douglas County High School

Location: Castle Rock, Colorado

Size: 54,000 sf

Project Delivery Method: Competitive Bid

PE Athletic Complex Addition

The master plan for Douglas County High School outlined 12 Phases of improvements to bring the oldest high school in the district into compliance with the recently re-designed prototypical High Schools (4 thru 9). Phase l relocated site elements to allow space for the PE / Athletic Complex.

The project replaced substandard facilities in the original building. The new facilities included an 1,800 seat Gymnasium, Auxiliary Gymnasium, Wrestling / Dance studio, Weight Room, Training Room, and Locker Rooms.

The addition also afforded a unique Lobby for the crowds that is filled with daylight from stepping clerestory windows that rise to shield the mass of the Gymnasium. The roof is supported by a grove of tree-like structural elements designed to express the structural efficiency, order and interest of the space.

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