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Under Construction

Our reputation for complete and accurate documentation of projects promises an important cost benefit to our clients. The local construction industry knows us. They bid our jobs very competitively. They know our documents are carefully prepared; they know we are competent and fair in the field.

Projects Currently Under Construction...

Widefield School District 3 New Grand Mountain PK8 School

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Cherry Creek School District 5 New Elementary No. 44

Aurora, Colorado

Academy School District 20 Air Academy High School Renovations

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Fountain Fort Carson School District 8 Mountainside Elementary Security Renovations

Fort Carson, Colorado

Boulder Valley School District BCSIS / High Peaks Elementary Addition / Renovation

Boulder, Colorado

Fountain Fort Carson School District 8 fort Carson High School Natatorium Improvements

Fort Carson, Colorado

Denver Public Schools A Lincoln Shared Campus Focused Improvements 2018

Fort Carson, Colorado

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