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Mountain View Electric Association, Falcon, Colorado

Mountain View Electric Association
Mountain View Electric Association
Mountain View Electric Association
Mountain View Electric Association
Mountain View Electric Association
Mountain View Electric Association


In 2006, responding to rapid residential growth within their service area Mountain View Electric Association, Inc. (MVEA) began considering changes for its Falcon, Colorado Service Complex. As a Member owned utility company, they needed the capability to properly respond to the full scope of their Member’s needs from the initial electrical service application through responding to emergencies and accepting payments.

The project began with an existing facilities condition and capacity assessment. Working closely with the MVEA staff, a comprehensive Facility Program was then prepared to identify the current and future needs. Using these documents as an evaluation tool, it was determined that additional and improved facilities were required. Building and site development plans were then developed through an interactive process with MVEA, Inc. Staff.

Completed in March of 2010, the expansion and renovation includes the building complex (offices, conference & break rooms, support areas, warehouse and truck bays) and the site (storage yard expansion, walking trails, and parking). The resulting design responds to the client’s needs by providing:

  • Spaces that are designed to promote efficient internal communications & work flow.
  • Service areas that will meet the Member’s needs for initial service sign-up, payments and resolving issues that may arise with their service.
  • Unfinished expansion areas for future growth (Anticipated to be 50% in the next 15 years)
  • Enclosed maintenance vehicle parking bay expansion
  • Warehouse expansion
  • Employee Locker Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms for employee and Member meetings.
  • Sustainable design features include the redevelopment of the existing building & 40 acre site, daylighting, ground source heat pumps for building heating and cooling, use of local materials, recycling centers, motion and dimming sensors on all light fixtures, recycled content flooring materials and use of certified wood. Indoor air quality issues are addressed through the selection of low VOC finishes.
  • Demonstration area that features a wind turbine, photo voltaic panels and ground source heat pumps – allowing the MVEA staff to show the Member’s how to use and contribute power to “The Grid”.